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Margaret Christle  Kelly Passek



Each region is represented with two votes on the Board of Directors by the Regional Director and the Regional Director-Elect. A term of office is 2 years. Each year a new Director-Elect is elected for each region by the general VAASL membership.

The main role of each position is to represent the librarians and interests of the region on the board.  The Director coordinates the Regional Spring Conference and the Director-Elect coordinates the selection of the region's School Librarian of the Year. Each director contributes content through VAASL's communication channels. Interested in joining the VAASL Board of Directors? Nominate yourself or another person for your region's Director-Elect. The ballot slate is filled each spring by the VAASL Past-President. Additionally, each summer/fall, committees are filled for the following year by the Executive Board.


The next Roanoke Spring Conference is tentatively scheduled for March 2019.

 School Librarian of the Year

Applications for the School Librarian of the Year are due January 31st of each year. A copy of the application is available in PDF for download. Final applications are submitted online.

Previous Recipients

2018     2017     2016  
2015 Linda Yeatts    2014 Robert Joyce   2013 Jo Davis 
2012 Susan Light   2011 Heather Balsley   2010 Kathy Meredith
2009 Nicole Foley   2008 Nancy Keenan   2007 Mary Jo Krufka
2006     2005 Sandra Grant   2004 Ava Jackson
2003 Mary Jakubowski   2002 Elizabeth Keaton   2001 Wendy Gibson


 School Districts in the Roanoke Region

Virginia members belong to the Region of their work location.