The mission of the Virginia Association of School Librarians is to be the recognized voice for excellence in Virginia’s school libraries, promoting lifelong learning and academic success of all students.


Strategic Plan, 2021-2023

Goal 1: VAASL promotes and influences local and state policies that ensure school libraries are well-funded and fully staffed with full-time, certified school librarians and paraprofessionals to support student achievement.
  • Objective 1: Implement AASL Standards by all Virginia school divisions and alignment to these standards as evidenced in division curriculum guides, division evaluation systems, division job description, and state licensing.
  • Objective 2: Advocate through VDOE, VASCD, VEA, etc. to meet or exceed staffing guidelines of VDOE Standards of Quality in all school libraries.
    • Action Step 1: Build a network to participate in critical meeting spaces.
    • Action Step 2: Follow Virginia State Assembly legislative bills that affect school libraries and recommend actions that our membership can take.
    • Action Step 3: Create a toolkit to include resources librarians can use such as infographics and action plans.
    • Action Step 4: Lobby for a VDOE school librarian representative, either part-time or full-time.
Goal 2: VAASL builds capacity for leadership at all levels.
  • Objective 1: Cultivate leadership opportunities that reflect an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Objective 2: Empower librarians in leadership roles at school, district, state, and national levels.
    • Action Step 1: Promote school librarianship and VAASL membership to diverse populations in the education field.
    • Action Step 2: Provide professional development through conferences and seminars.
    • Action Step 3: Collaborate with other organizations to broaden leadership opportunities.