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Whether it is facilitating a personal learning community, connecting librarians through conferences or social media, advocating for intellectual freedom, impacting legal decisions affecting school libraries, equipping school librarians to be on the cutting edge of resources or technology, or assisting in the implementation of the new AASL standards, VAASL's mission is to be the recognized voice for excellence in VA school libraries, promoting lifelong learning & academic success of all students.

How has VAASL helped you?

Share your ideas on Flipgrid. Not sure what to talk about? You could answer one of these prompts or just tell your VAASL origin story (just like the librarian superhero we know you are!)

  • How has VAASL helped you?
  • How has the VAASL conference impacted your instruction or library programming?
  • How has your involvement in VAASL encouraged you to break down barriers?
  • Why should librarians join VAASL?
I AM VAASL on Flipgrid